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Schedule of Upcoming Events Below

Join Us in Our Future Events

Scheduled Events: 

Montgomery Faith Fellowship

Gaithersburg, Maryland

July 17, 2022

Faith Community Church - East

Tucson, Arizona

October 9, 2022

Faith Community Church - East

Tucson, Arizona

January 22, 2023

Iglesia Cristiana Evangelica "Centro Missionero"

Frias, Argentina

February 25th - March 9th, 2023

New Testament Restoration Church

Shillong, India 

October, 2023 



Imparting Kingdom Realities & Building His Kingdom. Until Every Ear Hears!

Whether your ministry is in the USA or in another nation, to contact Rev. Young to schedule a time of ministry at your church or in your community, please click on the "Contact" button below. Working across the Body of Christ we fulfill our call to serve every nation in His name. 

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